Peter E. Clayson, Ph.D.

Peter (1)

M.A., University of California, Los Angeles, 2012

B.S., Brigham Young University, 2010

I am currently a sixth year clinical psychology graduate student minoring in behavioral neuroscience and quantitative psychology. My primary interest is in the monitoring and control of cognitive and emotional processing. In particular, how the processing of cognitive and emotional information serves to bias strategic adjustments in attention and regulate executive control mechanisms and then interacts to enhance or impair executive functioning. My current research largely focuses on elucidating the psychological and neural bases of cognitive and emotional control in schizophrenia and neurologically healthy individuals. To this end, I employ various psychophysiological and behavioral measures.

I also have a strong interest in psychometrics. I wrote an open-source Matlab program, the ERP Reliability Analysis (ERA) toolbox, that uses generalizability (G) theory to evaluate the reliability of ERP data. The purpose of the toolbox is to characterize the dependability (G-theory analog of reliability) of ERP scores to facilitate their calculation on a study-by-study basis and increase the reporting of these estimates (Clayson and Miller, 2017b). The code used by the toolbox was based on the formulas discussed in detail by Clayson and Miller (2017a) and Baldwin, Larson, and Clayson (2015).

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